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  • Security

    Giới thiệu Delta E&C

    Security is considered by us as the most important task in the process of receiving and processing work. With a layered document storage process, any information provided by customers is strictly controlled.

    According to Vietnamese law, lawyers are only allowed to disclose information provided by clients in three limited cases as follows. First, an attorney may disclose information with the client’s written consent. Second, the lawyer is responsible for providing information provided by the client, if that information is related to the commission of a criminal act. Third, lawyers may disclose information if a court or competent state agency requires a lawyer to provide it.

    Delta E&C highly respects the confidentiality of customers’ information and always clearly shows the importance of keeping customers’ information confidential to its team of lawyers, specialists as well as support staff. Disclosure of information will only be allowed in the above mandatory cases, and before doing so, Delta E&C will immediately notify the customer.