Delta E&C Worldwide Limited was incorporated and established under the law of Hong Kong, with the headquarter located at Room 1801, 18th Floor, Office Tower Two, Grand Plaza, 625 Nathan Road, Kowloon,Hong Kong. Delta E&C Worldwide has evolved from Sanworld Development Limited, which was incorporated in 1990s., specializing in property investment and trading.

Currently, Delta E&C Worldwide Limited has branches, representative offices and associate companies in China Mainland, Vietnam and Malaysia. The company has set up a wide cooperation network with business groups and partners, not only in these countries but also in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Holland and the United States.

Delta E&C Worldwide Limited has a wide global network, especially in Asia region. With our strong network, Delta E&C Worldwide Limited has established to become a reliable intermediary for the international trading of spinning yarn, oil and gas, minerals, agricultural products, industrial chemical, liquors etc. All our products originate from ASEAN countries, which is a region with its rich resources. Our clients are mostly from China mainland and whole of Asia too.

Besides these, Delta E&C Worldwide Limited also provides consultancy services, which includes M&A, bank  financing arrangement and FDI investment in Vietnam. We converge a team of experienced professional like investment consultants, lawyers, bankers in Vietnam, and business partners from Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Hongkong, who equipped with experiences, profound professional knowledge and understanding on finance, banking, M&A and legislation. We are ready to support foreign investors in corporation acquisition and setup, development, bilateral and multilateral trading and even participation in some mega projects in Vietnam too.

With our strong network, over the years of focusing on developing this field of logistics, Delta E&C Vietnam has logistics centers in Vietnam, including Hanoi and Ho Chih Minh City. We continue  rapidly in expanding our network with partners from Hong Kong, Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen, Qing Dao, Malaysia and Singapore, in our near future expansion plans. We provide a wide range of high quality services, ensure that our clients have the optimum solution at a reasonable price and high effectiveness.  Delta E&C Worldwide strive to become one of the top professional and creditable companies in the field of domestic and international logistics in future.