On 15th March 2016, Delta E&C was invited to visit Gangwon Technopark, located at Gangwon-do in South Korea. 
The Gangwon Technopark (GWTP) is the central organization for the regional innovation by mediating and linking the regional innovative businesses based on the collaborative system of entrepreneurs, universities, research institutes and regional governments. It is a hub of regional advanced industries, which focus on the robust development and growth of regional strategic industries focused on Bio, Medical device, and new material. 
We had a successful meeting with the current GWTP President, Mr Lee Chul Su, and his board Global Business Team. The purpose of this meeting is to build business platform for distribution of Gangwon local products to Vietnam market. Delta E&C will be the Vietnam representative of GWTP in future. (http://www.ajunews.com/view/20160315224647348)
On the same day, we had visited some diet supplement health food, skincare cosmetic and bio medical devices factories in Gangwon Province, to understand the suitability of products in Vietnam market. 
(Delta E&C)